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Healthy Fats & Nutrition CERTIFICATION

The “Healthy Fats and Nutrition CERTIFICATION” contains more than 12+ hours of videos to help you finally know exactly what to eat and put into your body so you can reset 98% of your body and being to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

You get full immediate access to the all-new CERTIFICATION and it's assets as outlined below.

✔️ Lifetime access to CERTIFICATION course content ($1000 value)

✔️ Lifetime monthly Ask Udo VIP access ($1000 value)

✔️ Digital copies of 4 of Udo’s books. ($100 value)

✔️ Digital copies of Udo’s BRAND NEW BOOK - "YOUR BODY NEEDS AN OIL CHANGE" with new, essential content about HEALTHY FATS and NUTRITION. ($47 value)

✔️ VIP ACCESS to Udo's brand new THIRST OF THE HEART webinar experience. ($997 value)

✔️ TOTAL HEALTH CERTIFICATION with Udo Erasmus certificate and badge. (PRICELESS)

(Total Value $3,144)

This is for…

️ Parents who cook and shop for the family. 

✔️ Nutritionists looking to offer their clients the best knowledge possible.

✔️ Athletes looking to perform at their highest potential.

✔️ Patients suffering acute or chronic disease.

✔️ Anyone looking to be their healthiest and happiest version of themselves.


 The HEALTHY FATS & NUTRITION CERTIFICATION helps you make sense of the confusing world of health and nutrition so you can feed your body and being exactly what it needs. Here is what you can expect from the 7 modules and 10+ hours of content:



You will learn:
✔️ How more physical health problems come from damaged oils than any other part of nutrition
✔️ What you need to do differently when it comes to oil - and you’ll be glad you did
✔️ How the most important aspect of nutrition is ignored by most people
✔️ Why you’re not getting enough normal healthy oils 
✔️ How the food production industry damages and spoils oils
✔️ The 15 key categories that are basic to physical health and brain function
✔️ How 98% of your atoms in your body are replaced in a year, and how you can use this as an opportunity to give your body an oil change!



You will learn:
✔️ How both the environment and our common food preparation methods damage omega fatty acids
✔️ How to protect and preserve omegas in their natural state to support your health
✔️ How modern mass production of oils and the push for longer shelf life has led to treating oils with toxic chemicals
✔️ How harmful a single tablespoon of treated oil is to your health
✔️ How nature protects sensitive oils - and how we’ve allowed them to turn rancid
✔️ How to get all the goodness of oil and avoid all the bad stuff (hint: it’s all about blends!)
✔️ How much fat you need in your diet - this is surprisingly controversial
✔️ How the right blends of omega 3’s and 6’s protect and retain moisture in the skin
✔️ How much oil to consume per day and what time of day to take it for optimum health
✔️ How oils should be packaged to avoid plastics leaching into it and causing inflammation
✔️ How to store your oils to slow down the spoiling process


THE DETAILS (8 lessons)

You will learn:
✔️ The four ways oils are damaged - guaranteed you do at least one of these!
✔️ How cooking and frying foods over eating raw causes a long list of health problems
✔️ How problems blamed on saturated fats should ACTUALLY be blamed on omega-3 deficiency
✔️ How fats are more involved in health and disease than proteins and carbs
✔️ Which nuts and seeds have the highest percentages of healthy fats
✔️ The distributions of omega-3 and -6 in various nuts and seeds
✔️ How the truth of damaged oils due to corporate interests has been hidden from you
✔️ What’s new with oils and where the research is going



You will learn:
✔️ Why you should take your frying pan and hit yourself over the head with it!
✔️ Why cooking with oils ‘cooks’ your health
✔️ How to tell if your olive oil has been doctored with other oils 
✔️ How consuming the right amounts of oils can increase your stamina by 40-60%
✔️ Why you can’t pop a couple of fish oil pills and have your essential fatty acid needs met 
✔️ The many benefits of oils to health: cardiovascular, cognitive, social, etc.
✔️ How oils can lead to better skin, sharper reflexes, quicker recovery from fatigue, etc. 
✔️ How oils can affect your physical health by speeding up healing injuries by 30-50%
✔️ Why Udo calls omega-3s the “fat burning fire-starter”
✔️The role of omega-3’s and 6’s in pregnancy and how not to become depleted



You will learn:
✔️ Why most diets out there are just fads
✔️ How you can go on a high fat diet and lose weight (hint: it has to do with appetite)
✔️ Common diets; Atkins, Paleo, Keto, etc. and their pros and cons
✔️ How much you need of each of the essential nutrients 
✔️ How for every essential nutrient, there is an insufficient amount, which is different for different people
✔️ The four essential components of healthy digestion
✔️ What you should be eating for digestive health (hint: you won’t need a frying pan!)



You will learn:
✔️ How peace is inextricably linked to health
✔️ The 8 key parts designed by nature - five of them are internal, three are external
✔️ How to connect with other people in the world to support each other in leading healthy lives in line with nature and lit up from within



You will learn:
✔️ How to make sense of your emotions
✔️ What you do have power over - more than you think!
✔️ How Infinite Awareness is within your control
✔️ That you can’t thrive if you’re ONLY surviving (plus: how not to waste your time)
✔️ How to develop the necessary skills for thriving under stress
✔️ The most ideal approach to caring for the physical body


Founder of flax oil and the healthy fats movement shares his 30+ years of education experience that has changed the lives of millions of people around the world.




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What People Are Saying:

“Udo does a masterful job of laying out and describing that indescribable foundation of healthy, peace and harmony. He brings it palpably to life for you, and he also knows how to speak from that all-encompassing state of being.”

Raymond Aaron, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“Udo has been a pioneer in the health industry for decades, he has unlocked & unleashed to the masses the great benefits of seed oil by making an alchemic combination that is both palatable & powerful - his profound positivity & insight has inspired all of us on the Spartan Up Podcast and 'oiled' the wheels of many of our racers!”

Sefra the Seedhuntress, Co-host of the Spartan Up Podcast

“One of the most recognized experts, probably the most recognized expert around the world, is Udo Erasmus... he created a very specific product that is recommended by people all over the world, why most people see it as the elite product.”

Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker